Simon - He'll change your life

A terminally ill rough diamond chooses to die through euthanasia. With strength and humour, he prepares those around him for their approaching loss.

Simon tells the story of the unlikely friendship between Amsterdam macho and hash dealer Simon, and Camiel, a timid, gay student of dentistry. During a shared holiday in Thailand their friendship is put tot he ultimate test, after which they lose touch. When they run into each other again fourteen years later, Simon is very ill...

In 1988, Camiel - a timid, gay dentistry student, is run over by a jeep. Behind the wheel is Simon - a freespirited and soft-hearted tough guy. Hash dealer, the archetype of the heterosexual male. Simon takes Camiel to the emergency room, and an unusual friendship begins; because of Simon's hospitality and the fact that Camiel makes him laugh. Most of the intitative, however, comes from Camiel , who becomes fascinated by Simon's way of life. Simon does all sorts of things that Camiel would never dare to do. Simon's girlfriend, Sharon, is a well-known kickboxer and their friend Marco, who is covered in tattoos, is possibly even wilder than Simon is.

Treated by Simon, Camiel joins the whole gang on a trip to Thailand. There he visits the set of an American Vietnam film where Simon is the self-proclaimed stunt coordinator, and later joins the rest of the gang on a nearby island. There, Simon and Camiel's friendship is seriously put to the test, after which they lose touch.

Fourteen years later, Camiel once more runs into Simon, who is very ill but treats this subject strikingly lightheartedly, as he does the incident that caused their separation. Camiel, now living with real estate agent Bram, is drawn to Simon again. He befriends Simon's twenty year old daugher Joy and her fifteen year old brother Nelson. The two kids attend a posh school and speak with a fancy Amsterdam-South accent, as opposed to Simon's broad Amsterdam language. Camiel witnesses from up close the way in which Simon and his loved ones deal with his illness. Simon's strength and humour, in particular, will leave a lasting impression on him...
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