Jos is an experienced politician suffering from a midlife crisis. When he comes into contact with the common-manís logic of his new in-laws, this has a far-reaching effect on both his political and his personal life.

Jos is an experienced politician for a politically correct party that isnít doing too well in the polls. When his daughter ZoŽ falls in love with Sjef, a young military policeman, Jos comes into contact with the common manís logic of his in-laws.

Sjefís father Nico sells second-hand cars and hates politicians. He has a big heart and his very own sense of justice and logic. He seldom votes; when he does itís for one of the populist parties. Sjefís brother in law, Yugoslav Savo, makes a bet with a fellow countryman that he can make Josí party the largest. He wants to achieve this by confronting Jos with Nicoís common manís logic.
Jos starts to incorporate the views of his in-laws into his public appearances, which does him a lot of good in the polls. The ego of this vain but charming man in a midlife crisis, already stimulated by his relationship with his young intern Nina, starts to take on ever-larger proportions. Also, Jos loses sight of the line between popular logic and right-wing ideas.

Will he be able to re-find the balance in his political and private life in time?
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